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Beginning this October 1st, the Utah State Chapter and Southern Idaho Chapter of the National MS Society will become one.  Coming together will result in a new chapter serving 6,500 people living with MS, their friends and family. Our goals will be to: provide education and support chapter wide, improve efficiencies, raise more money and increase our research commitment. We will do this with both offices remaining open, building a board that represents Utah and Southern Idaho, as well as utilizing the strengths of our staff. We welcome this wonderful opportunity to better serve you, our friends, and will continue to provide the outstanding level of service you have grown to expect from us as we move forward in striving to achieve a world free of MS


Idaho Bike MS: Road, Sweat & Gears 2010Bike Home Image
McCall, Idaho August 21 & 22, 2010

Miles of Open Road Ahead

You've always been up for a challenge. And meeting this one can make a world of difference. Two days and many miles of great riding that will challenge you and reward you like no other cycling event. Will power versus fatigue. Training versus excuses. It’s time to join Bike MS. Register Now! 

Team up for Bike MS
Share your  Bike MS experience by starting a team. Teams are a great way to build morale and demonstrate your community involvement. Any group of four or more people can form a team, and there are plenty of places to find members friends, family, your company or your community. Learn more about teams.

Pledges, Prizes, Prestige

Add up the dollars as the miles roll by. After registering, you’ll receive everything you need to collect contributions. And with our powerful online fundraising tools, we’ve made it even easier for your friends and family to contribute to your ride. Raise more then the minimum amount of $250 and you’ll be eligible to win great prizes. Support a participant.

Bike MS is a fully supported event. You train and fundraise and we'll take care of you on the event.

We can make a difference. This is why we Ride.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

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